Sunday, August 22, 2010


This is another silly word game that goes here just so I can look back years from now and shake my head over the wastes of time that I turned to for entertainment.

Troy Dean is our newly-arrived campus pastor, and in one of our first conversations, he told me about a sewing circle at his old campus in California that they called the Stitch-n-Bitch. That was certainly cute in its own right, but it got me to thinking of other crafts that would pair neatly with speech acts, and I came up with ...
  • Weave-n-Grieve
  • Tattoos-n-Bad-News
  • Needlepoint-n-Anoint
  • Flower-Pressing-n-Second-Guessing
  • Claymation-n-Character-Assassination
  • Lithography-n-What's-Wrong-With-Me?
  • MacramĂ©-n-Auto-Da-FĂ©
  • Origami-n-I-Want-My-Mommy
Others came up with "Paint-n-Complaint," "Stained-Glass-n-Talk-Out-Your- ..." which you can probably finish.

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