Saturday, January 31, 2009


The only sport I keep up with is tennis, and I never miss Jon Wertheim's commentaries, especially the weekly mailbag. I've even sent a few quirky bits over the years, including this idea about Taylor Dent winning the White House and appointing Don Budge to the Supreme Court, this limerick about the Bryan brothers, and a few other limericks for a contest.

Well, his latest challenge was to predict what the Russian player Marat Safin will do when he retires from tennis sometime this year, and I'm mildly tickled that he published my answer and called it the first winner.

This kind of thing seemed a lot more important back when I lived in Nacogdoches, and we had to make our own fun, because, God knows, there wasn't any naturally-occurring fun to be found. Now it's retreated into proper perspective, as a dorky and guilty pleasure.

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